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Name: Kat
Locale:Lake Forest Ca
Sex: female
Musical taste:hmmm, mostly rock, but I absolutely love strings too. Any song that has strings in it is addictive to me.
Movies:Leon, The Last Broadcast
Viking? Ninja? Pirate?:Pirate
Favorite song:right now its "California Songs" by Local H
Piercings/tattoos: I have a madonna lip piercing...... buuuuut, I had probs in another community where they thought that I had made it up, because in some pics it looks like its on a different side (duh, sometimes I use a mirror for photos) so just pretend like I don't have one :) As for opinions on it...... well, piercings are really great as long as you can take how annoying some people are about them. I was at a company picnic with my husband, who introduced me to the office Rainman.... I didn't even get a hello...I got hissed at with "She has metal"
You wanna fight?physically? Nah, Im a girly girl, the best I can do is tickle someone. Verbally is a whole different matter though ;)</b>
Do you think you could take Jesse West End?: I have no idea
Do you really think you are hot enough? sometimes
So, you find yourself in a dark alley with a naked Ashley. Devoid of all circumstance and consequence, what do you do? Stare at her boobs, probably be jealous, then be embaressed because she saw me, try to run away, trip over
We have lost our third mod, Tiff, tell me have you seen here?nope
Why are you here? What are you loking for? Vanity? Validation? Or just an excuse to be a cunt? A bit of the latter and something else I can't put my finger on.
How did you find us (give credit if you were invited):browsing communities
Last but not least, what do call your special place (I prefer Woo)? Hmmm, its probably Ruby's on Huntington Beach Pier, it was the first place I went to with my hubby.

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