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that's my cat toby, he's cool, let's keep it at that. ok here we go!

Locale:Atlanta, GA
Sex: (and no juvenile "yes, please" answers)girl, but sometimes i wish i were a boy. its hard to act boyish with pink hair! maybe i'll go for blue!! HMM!
Musical taste:punk, ska, chaos, blues, i also like that old music my parents listen to.
Movies:The Pianist, mallrats, annnnnd american history x
Viking? Ninja? Pirate?:pirate of course, so i can get in on some of that booty
Favorite song:oh man thats a hard one. at the moment i guess it would be Capital P by MSI
Piercings/tattoos(if none your take on them):i have three in each each ear. 1st pair is 2 gauge, 2nd pair is 4 gauge, and 3rd pair is normal. i want my lip pierced three times. you know what im talking about?
You wanna fight?not right now im smoking. nothing interrupts my smoke breaks!
Do you think you could take Jesse West End?:who she?
Do you really think you are hot enough?i don't know. i was just like "eh what the hell"
So, you find yourself in a dark alley with a naked Ashley. Devoid of all circumstance and consequence, what do you do?!!!!!!!!!!!!! make like a wonder twin and turn into a guy and make sweet lovin to her!!!!!!!! maybe get a blanket for her cos it might be cold.
We have lost our third mod, Tiff, tell me have you seen her?nope sorry. but i'll let you know if i do.
Why are you here? What are you loking for? Vanity? Validation? Or just an excuse to be a cunt?i don't know. i just appeared.
How did you find us (give credit if you were invited): pink hair community. people got pissed off at whoever posted it there but i was like "HEYY!"
Last but not least, what do call your special place (I prefer Woo)? the bathtub empty with an ashtrey and a new pack of cigs

i'm going to put these from oldest to most current.
oh yeah i don't have like a body body shot, sorry.

i can smile sideways jaw

somewhat of a body shot :\

then i cut my hair!

somewhat of another body shot :/

my best friend Alan.

me at night. IM BEASTLY!

these next ones my friend austin took, and he likes to edit them with high contrast! be careful

and i'll leave you with my gayness

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