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Name: Paulette
Age: 21
Locale: Pennsylvania
Sex: Female

Musical taste: Assuck,palatka,agoraphobic nosebleed,hassan i sabbah,since by man,comabt wounded veteran,soilent green,pig destroyer,orchid,the sick lipstick,patsy cline,johnny cash,the one am radio,the horrorpops,rune,reversal of man,cannaibal corpse,dying fetus, indian summer,the assistant, an albatross,fugazi so on...
Movies: frankenhooker, kids,my little vrocadile, the big lebowski,bowling for columbine,the goonies,amityville,
Viking? Ninja? Pirate?:A viking for sure...
Favorite song: I am so tired by's hard to pick..I love music too much.
Piercings/tattoos(if none your take on them):
i Have my septum pierced and it looks pretty good because I did it myself.
my ears are stretched at 1/2 inch
I have a tatto on my back with 2 swallows holdng a banner that says pure..
and no, it is not a straight edge tattoo..
You wanna fight? I would rather hug...but if you insist.
Do you think you could take Jesse West End?: of course
Do you really think you are hot enough? I that means something.
So, you find yourself in a dark alley with a naked Ashley. Devoid of all circumstance and consequence, what do you do? give her my sweater because I am a sweetheart.
We have lost our third mod, Tiff, tell me have you seen here? nope
Why are you here? What are you loking for? lVanity? Validation? Or just an excuse to be a cunt? just for fun, I like metting new people and sharing pics.
How did you find us (give credit if you were invited): the hot girl with the journal name ISSERLY
Last but not least, what do call your special place (I prefer Woo)? this big cliff that we call the overlooks the powerplant.

yeas i know the eyebrows are unkempt

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