Amber (theicedsun) wrote in ifyoureuglydie,


Name: Amber
Age: 17
Locale: California
Sex: Of female body parts
Musical taste: Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, No Doubt, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Coal Chamber; I like variety
Movies: The Opposite of Sex, Ghost World(I like this movie because it shows how one person can mean so little to the world, yet they can cause a lot of commotion, also, I just love the characters), Amelie
Viking? Ninja? Pirate?: Ninja, because ninjas can kill the other two.
Favorite song: One? Just one? Hmm...No Doubt-Too Late
Piercings/tattoos(if none your take on them): Two holes in each ear, first hole gauged to a 2, navel, and I had my monroe but I recently took it out.
You wanna fight? Of course! I'm a ninja!
Do you think you could take Jesse West End?: Probably not...
Do you really think you are hot enough? I don't really know because who can really say that they are hot, you have to have other people tell you in order for you to know that you are; so you tell me.
So, you find yourself in a dark alley with a naked Ashley. Devoid of all circumstance and consequence, what do you do? Jump on her. Plain and simple.
We have lost our third mod, Tiff, tell me have you seen her? Sorry to say that I haven't.
Why are you here? What are you loking for? Vanity? Validation? Or just an excuse to be a cunt? All three? I love to be a bitch, I think I'd fit right in.
How did you find us (give credit if you were invited): Just wandering around.
Last but not least, what do call your special place (I prefer Woo)? My sanctuary is my room. Private and has all of my necessities.

3 Face Shots & 1 body:+ some (I'll try to portray the real me)

That's all folks~!
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